The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) today announced that leading Brazilian  television channels Globo, Band and Record became members of IBCAP, joining the fight to combat copyright piracy of Brazilian content in the United States.

IBCAP is an alliance representing more than 130 television channels from around the world. The organization works to protect members’ video content against copyright infringement by monitoring and detecting piracy, increasing consumer awareness, reporting suspected pirates to government authorities, and organizing legal action to protect the copyrights and other interests of IBCAP members.

Content piracy is severely harming the Brazilian entertainment industry, taking away money from legitimate producers and broadcasters, thus constraining growth and innovation. The IBCAP relationship enables parties to share information, enhance detection, and implement strategies to disrupt the piracy industry.

“Globo has a permanent commitment to combatting piracy and defending copyrights in Brazil and in the world,” said Marcelo Bechara, Director of Institutional Relations, Regulation and Media at Globo. “We invest heavily in talent, innovation, quality and value to advance the audiovisual industry. The practice of piracy has negative impacts on this pulsating industry, which has produced more and more content for multiple platforms.”

“Because piracy is a constant challenge, Band is always working with producers and distributors to inform and educate our viewers around the world,” explained Silvia Saad Jafet, from Band’s Pay-Tv division. “Joining organizations like IBCAP sets us on a successful path to thwart this unlawful, destructive activity that affects us all.”

“Enforcing copyright protection is paramount to ensuring the continued success of the Brazilian entertainment industry globally,” said Wilon Cardoso, Executive Director of Record TV Americas. “Joining one of the most successful anti-piracy organizations, IBCAP, will help Record TV get an upper hand over the pirates.”

“We are pleased Brazilian content providers have joined IBCAP. It is critically important that we continue to spread the message about the negative impacts of copyright piracy and to work with our members to stop the infringement of their video content in the United States,” said Chris Kuelling, Executive Director of IBCAP. “Piracy harms television and movie producers as well as consumers, and creates unfair competition to legitimate companies. With strong international cooperation, we can collectively detect and take appropriate action against copyright infringement.”


IBCAP was formed to prevent the unauthorized and illegal distribution of international television content. IBCAP’s goal is to enforce our members’ copyrights and trademarks by identifying unauthorized video sources, collecting evidence, and assisting with legal actions and criminal investigations against those individuals and companies engaged in pirating activities. IBCAP represents over 130 television channels from around the world. For more information, visit:


To be one of the world’s leading communications companies is only possible with a lot of creativity, professionalism and investment in quality and innovation. Globo produces close to 3,000 hours of telenovelas and programs, as well as over 3,000 hours of journalism every year. Globo creates programs, series and interviews with a high standard of quality that received over 90 nominations in the International Emmy Awards and have already been awarded 16 times. The company also has had its works presented in renowned international festivals such as the Berlinale (Germany), Series Maria (France) and TIFF (Canada). Currently, the network covers 98.6% of Brazil’s territory, reaching 99.5% of the population with the largest network of broadcasting stations (122) spread over the states. More than 90% of the network’s programming is produced in-house, which makes Globo the country’s largest job provider for artists, authors, journalists and producers. For more information:

About BAND

Bandnews and Band Internacional channels are enjoyed by viewers across the world. Bandnews is the only 24-hour headline news provider in Portuguese in the U.S. Its ultimate goal is to provide reliable, up-to-the minute news for Brazilians around the world. Band Internacional is one of the most popular Brazilian programming providers of top quality entertainment, news, sports, documentaries, music and information for the whole family. Dedicated to Brazilians living abroad and people interested in the Brazilian culture and Portuguese language, both channels are currently distributed in the U.S. by DISH Network, Sling International and Comcast Cable. For more information please visit: and facebook:

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From east to west, reaching over 280 million people, Record TV broadcasts to over 150 countries on five continents and is present in the daily lives of all those who speak and appreciate the Portuguese language. In Europe, it is available on more than 60 cable operators as the Portuguese language channel with the biggest coverage on the continent. In the United Kingdom, Record TV is the sole Portuguese language channel on Sky. In the United States, it has a successful collaboration with Dish Network, and Record TV is also available on its OTT service, Sling TV. In Canada, Record TV reaches the homes and hearts of Portuguese language immigrants with news, sports, entertainment, soap operas and mega productions, and the programming is of quality and significance for the whole family.For more information please visit: