As a leading advocate for the global television and video industry, IBCAP implements a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to stop unauthorized streaming and other video piracy. Acting on behalf of its members, the coalition conducts integrated advocacy and anti-piracy programs to protect intellectual property rights.

Memberships are offered to content owners, distributors, sports leagues, rightsholders and other entities in need of anti-piracy protection. IBCAP offers many benefits and a membership package can be customized to meet your particular needs.

IBCAP members are eligible to receive the following services:

Services Provided

Included Items

Monitoring & Detection (Linear Channels)




Mobile Apps

Kodi Add-ons

Monitoring & Detection (VOD)



Mobile Apps

Monitoring & Detection (Sales and Marketing Verticals)

Online Retail (Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)


Abuse Notifications (Sent by IBCAP lab)

Takedown notices to CDNs, Pirate Services (sent by attorney)

Takedown notices to Online Retail/Social Media (sent by attorney)

Takedown notices to Payment Processors (sent by attorney)


Private Investigator STB purchases

Local Retail (“Brick and Mortar”) investigations

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

Government/Law Enforcement

Benefit of Coordination and Referrals on Behalf of IBCAP Members


Access to IBCAP Databases, Forensic Work, Retailer Lists, etc.


Overview of Streaming Piracy in U.S.

IBCAP Newsletters

Member Specific Reports

Litigation Support

Screenshots, Pcaps, Testimony, etc.

Purchasing STBs/Chain of Custody

Copyright Registration

Registration of Foreign Works with U.S. Copyright Office


Benefit of IBCAP Sponsored Consumer and Dealer Awareness Campaigns

Use of IBCAP Created Marketing Materials

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